Molly is a senior at Cape Cod Academy. She is a volunteer at the Bourne Public Library and particularly enjoys catering to the needs of the children and young adults. Molly is a founding member and president of the Film Club. An accomplished artist Molly’s art was prominently featured in a Cape Cod wide student art show at the CC Museum of Art in Dennis. Proficient in French, Molly hopes to attend the University of Paris. She would like to concentrate on a career in journalism. It was during a history class that focused on immigration for a third of the year that had a profound affect on Molly. “My Irish heritage, to me, means the spirit of hope, strength, and power through adversity. I am proud to be Irish. I am the barley that has grown out of the hills, nourished by the spirits of my ancestors.. I am the freedom and future they fought for... I will make them proud to call me Irish.”

2019 Parade Video