Fourteenth Annual Cape Cod Saint Patrick's Parade

The 2019 parade will mark our 14th anniversary, and from humble beginning to today, we have been blessed with growth, achievement and support. There are many people to thank, and first and foremost the parade committee would like to thank our corporate sponsors and every single small business that borrows from a pool of meager funds and gives to the parade to help ensure its success. We would like to thank the Town of Yarmouth for their support. The Tourism Pres­ervation Fund has continued to support this effort to bring many spectators to the Mid-Cape area who, without this parade, may not find themselves on Cape Cod in March.

We would like to thank you, the spectators for continually spreading the word and inviting more and more spectators each year. You have proven to be a hardy bunch, braving the elements to help us celebrate our Irish heritage and the eventual arrival of spring.

Many different hands have come together and countless hours have been spent by a group of volunteers. A dedicated group that begins work immediately following each parade to begin planning the next. The Parade Committee wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to the volunteers, past and present (and future), for giving yourself to this worthy event. We have developed from an idea to an event that brings thousands of people to Cape Cod. To the people who have taken time away from the family and friends to make this possible we are forever grateful.

We can always use help and there is no effort too small that we don't appreciate. Please con­tinue to invite your friends and family to join us in this celebration. The thousands of spectators who line this route help to spread warm feelings to the hundreds who march. It is our sincerest hope that you, coupled with your friends and families enjoy this weekend. To quote one of our founding members, Mr. Gerry Manning, "Everybody Loves a parade." On behalf of the entire parade committee let me say that we love having you join us.

Desmond Keogh, Chairman