Comedy is a medium that has allowed Irish people to look critically at their society, to comment on deep seated issues, and challenged us to reevaluate our positions on many important issues. 

Comedy BrendanGrace Brendan Grace - Week 1 June 6 2018

Brendan is an Irish comedian and singer known for his comedy schoolboy character "Bottler", the role of Murphy in the 1995 movie  Moondance, and his 1996 appearance in the TV sitcom Father Ted. 
Comedy TommyTiernan Tommy Tiernan - Week 2 June 13
Tommy was born in Carndonagh, County Donegal. He has appeared several times on the Late Show with David Letterman.
Comedy HalRoach Hal Roach - Week 3 June 20
Hal was a prominent Irish comedian. He spent over 60 years in show business, and was featured in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest-running engagement of a comedian at the same venue: 26 years at Jury's Irish Cabaret, Jury's Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin.
Comedy DeirdreOKane Deirdre O'Kane - Week 4  June 27
Deirdre became a stand-up comic in 1996 and got into the finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards of that year. She has played at the Edinburgh Festival every year since and has played at the Melbourne, Adelaide and Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festivals


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Writings of Saint Patrick and his Legacy

Murphy Online Writings
History of Ireland: Writings of Saint Patrick
History | Academics: 7 lectures
1 hour, All Levels

Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus and the Confessio.

  • Will understand the context for the writings of Saint Patrick.
  • Will have read the works that are accepted as having been written by Saint Patrick.
  • Will have some examples of the enduring nature of the contribution made by Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick and his Mission

Murphy Online Viking
History of Ireland: Saint Patrick and his Mission
History | Academics: 14 lectures
3 hours, All Levels

How Ireland Became Christian.

  • Will know the personal details of the person we know as Saint Patrick.
  • Understand important events in the development of Christianity in Ireland.
  • Have some understanding of the major global events that were occurring in Europe that were affecting Ireland.

Viking Invasion, Part 1: 795-902

Murphy Online Viking
History of Ireland: Viking Invasion, Part 1: 795 - 902
History | Academics: 16 lectures
2.5 hours, All Levels

Arrival in Ireland of Viking raiding parties, large scale invasion, settlement and defeat in 902.

  • Understand the effects on the people of Ireland during the first 100 years after the arrival in Ireland of invaders from Scandinavia.
  • Understand why the Vikings came to Ireland and who they were.
  • Understand how the goals of the Vikings in Ireland changed in the 9th century.