Much of recent Irish history is reflected in the content of the songs of Irish singers and in their own personal history. This course will focus on four of the most famous Irish singers.

 music PercyFrench

Percy French - Week 1 June 6

Are Ye Right There Michael
Mountains Of Mourne
Phil the Fluters Ball
Abdul Abulbul Amir 
Who Said the Hook Never Hurted the Worms?
And Lots More

 Music ChristyMoore Christy Moore - Week 2  June 13

They Never Came Home
St. Brendan's Voyage
The Time Has Come
Viva La Quinta Brigada 
Ordinary Man
 music SineadOConnor Sinead O'Connor - Week 3 June 20

Nothing Compares 2 U
Fire on Babylon
You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart
 music vanmorrison Van Morrison - Week 4  June 27

Brown Eyed Girl
Wild Night
Days Like This

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Writings of Saint Patrick and his Legacy

Murphy Online Writings
History of Ireland: Writings of Saint Patrick
History | Academics: 7 lectures
1 hour, All Levels

Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus and the Confessio.

  • Will understand the context for the writings of Saint Patrick.
  • Will have read the works that are accepted as having been written by Saint Patrick.
  • Will have some examples of the enduring nature of the contribution made by Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick and his Mission

Murphy Online Viking
History of Ireland: Saint Patrick and his Mission
History | Academics: 14 lectures
3 hours, All Levels

How Ireland Became Christian.

  • Will know the personal details of the person we know as Saint Patrick.
  • Understand important events in the development of Christianity in Ireland.
  • Have some understanding of the major global events that were occurring in Europe that were affecting Ireland.

Viking Invasion, Part 1: 795-902

Murphy Online Viking
History of Ireland: Viking Invasion, Part 1: 795 - 902
History | Academics: 16 lectures
2.5 hours, All Levels

Arrival in Ireland of Viking raiding parties, large scale invasion, settlement and defeat in 902.

  • Understand the effects on the people of Ireland during the first 100 years after the arrival in Ireland of invaders from Scandinavia.
  • Understand why the Vikings came to Ireland and who they were.
  • Understand how the goals of the Vikings in Ireland changed in the 9th century.