A Special Thank You to Our "Celtic Friends"

Most Recent Friends

Donna McGuirk
Brian Burns
Kim Young
John Fallon
Ed Tierney
Sean & Natalie Todd
Ellen Baxter
Patty & Mike Foley
Richard T. Riehle
Rodger & Susan Christiansen
Our Grandson Extraordinaire ~ Roman Patrick Whelan
HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S PARADE DAY!!! spraoi a bheith agat! (Dee Petit)
In memory of those who have gone before us. God Bless
- The Costigans, Carrahers & Schwabs

Ed & Mary Lou Tierney

Katie Fitzsimmons
Stella Fitzsimmons (Katie's dog who yes - paid for a sticker)
Scott and Melissa Leone
Gus Healy
Bobby & Lisa Williams
Sean O'Leary
Des Clifford
Brian & Denise Cobb
Arthur Caiado
Mike Dice
Joe Douglass & Ashley Dion
Kelley Douglass
Matt and Leah Douglass
Maryann Sullivan-Mucha
John & Cheri Gouth**
Dan & Annellan Lawlor
Frank & Matiann O'Brien
Kevin Leone & Kim Macallister
Jack Clarke in Memory of Jim Clarke
Sue Orsini
Brian Joyce
Top of the Mornin' from Colleen & Diane
Joan Callini
Georgis & Lila Carr
Michael Bishop
Pets L. Magur**
Ed & Wendy McCormack
In Memory of Len Bailey
In Memory of Cpl. Nicholas Xiarhos
Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Jim Booze **
Karen Walsh
Jim Kelley
Dave & Barb Manning
Nancy Buckley
Aidan Manning
John Bourke
Ron & Joan Haley
Katie Fitzsimmons (Dup)
Stella Fitzsimmons (& Katie) (Dup)
Gus Healy
Patricia Hunt
Kevin Robbins
Kevin Collins
Bill Hurley
Anne Savany **
Dawn Clarke
Kathy Hegarty**
Dave Hickey
Brian & Denise Cobb
Arthur & Sylivia Caiado
Gregg Locke
Mike Cashman
Mike Shea
Frankie McFall
Sean O'Leary
Joey Lambias**
Dennis Lowrey**
Bobby Williams
Joe McDonald
Tom Whyte
Des Clifford
Mo Meddoia
Mary Whyte
Peter & Idaline O'Sullivan
Rodger & Sue Christiansen
Bob Clare
Chris Santos
John Donelen
Kathleen Mingle
Jay Colette
Paul & Sandy Bagge
Lisa Williams
Michael McBride
Patrick Jebes **
Jake Thompson


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