2016 Colleen Finalists

Saarah Murphy

Saarah is a senior at Barnstable High School. She has excelled academically as evidence by her honor roll status and her success in her AP and honors courses. Saarah's collage choices include Boston College, Boston University, Fordham and Babson. She would like to pursue a career as a broadcast journalist. As President of the Drama Club Saarah is considered to be a fine actor and has had many lead roles in the Barnstable High School productions Saarah is the Head Student Producer of the student run local television channel. Saarah has always cherished her grandfather's wisdom, "Never forget who you are and never forget where you came from" In her essay Saarah wrote "After I learned more about my family's heritage I discovered a part that I never knew I had. I am Saarah Murphy, whose heart is with her family".

Catriona Barr

Catriona is a senior attending Monomoy High School. A member of the National Honor Society and Student Council Catriona is also a perennial varsity soccer player. She has received many awards for both her academic and athletic achievements. Her outstanding leadership skills led her to Girls' State, MIAA Sportsmanship conference and as far away as Shanghai, China to attend the Global Student Leaders Summit. Catriona collage choices include Brown, Harvard
and the University of Virginia. "Catie" would like to have an impact on the world and hopes to earn a PHD with a concentration on Global Health. She would love to travel to India someday. As quoted in her essay "I feel blessed that my parents have made it a priority to take me to Ireland to understand where I come from."

Orla Coughlin

Orla is a senior at Dennis-Yarmouth High School. She is currently a member of the National Art Society and the National Honor Society. Orla serves as captains of both the cross country and spring track teams. She is an active member of the Special Olympics Committee, Student Council, German Student Exchange, French Club, and Theater Club. This year she was awarded the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship and traveled to France on a school trip. Her endeavors have included volunteering for the Relay for Life, Dennis Beach Clean-up Day, Cranberry Harvest Festival and the Holly Young Memorial Volleyball tournament. Orla hopes to declare a pre-med major with a concentration focusing on psychiatry. Growing up with Irish parents Orla says that to her being Irish is not something she only celebrates on St Patrick!ls Day, it is something she embraces every living moment.

Shannon McGovern

Shannon is a senior at Mashpee High School. She has demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence while participating in extra curricular activities. Shannon
is a member of the National Honor Society serving as secretary her senior year. She is a delegate for the State Student Council, Regional Student Council, member of the Student Government, AP scholar, delegate at the MIAA New England Student Leadership Conference and a Peer Leader. Shannonlls love of sports have led her to become the captain of the varsity soccer team as well as the indoor and outdoor track and field teams. She has assisted people with physical and mental disabilities in playing soccer. Shannon had dreams of traveling the world, especially Australia.