Molly Harper

Molly is a senior at Cape Cod Academy. She is a volunteer at the Bourne Public Library and particularly enjoys catering to the needs of the children and young adults. Molly is a founding member and president of the Film Club. An accomplished artist Molly’s art was prominently featured in a Cape Cod wide student art show at the CC Museum of Art in Dennis. Proficient in French, Molly hopes to attend the University of Paris. She would like to concentrate on a career in journalism. It was during a history class that focused on immigration for a third of the year that had a profound affect on Molly. “My Irish heritage, to me, means the spirit of hope, strength, and power through adversity. I am proud to be Irish. I am the barley that has grown out of the hills, nourished by the spirits of my ancestors.. I am the freedom and future they fought for... I will make them proud to call me Irish.”

Robin Moynihan

Moynihan cropforwebRobin is a senior at Nauset High School. She is a member of the National Honor Society as well as the Human Rights Academy. As a member of the Key Club she has volunteered for many of local events. She hopes to pursue a career in either the field of biology or perhaps as an Irish Dance teacher. Robin began Irish step dancing at the age of 9 and at 12 fell in love with the art form.”Step dancing was a gateway to an Irish world and allowed me to travel and meet people that all had a common history with me.” As a member and leader of the Kanaley School of Irish Dance Robin has competed locally and throughout New England. She has even performed at our Grand Marshal’s Balls and our Parades! This past August she traveled to Dublin to attend the prestigious River Dance School. As a resident of Trinity College she particularly enjoyed exploring the Trinity College Library and the Book of Kells.

Eilish Dillon

Dillon cropforwebA senior at Dennis Yarmouth High School, Eilish is the secretary of the National Honor Society as well as Captain of the Math Club, and active in the Art and French clubs and the Ambassadors. Eilish also plays trumpet in the school band. The DY Soccer team, the DY Winter Track team, the Golf team and the Travel Soccer Team all call Eilish “Captain”. Eilish’s Catholic faith has been the foundation of her childhood and feels it has served her well in this complicated world. Volunteering as an alter server and at the vacation Bible School are examples of how she continues to practice her faith. “...the morals that the Catholic faith has instilled have kept me well grounded and aware of others hardships. Widely celebrated and appreciated, the Catholic faith and Irish culture are intertwined like the wool in an Aran cardigan.” Eilish hopes to pursue a career in the medical field.

Seyla O'Hearn

Ohearn cropforwebSeyla is a senior at Dennis Yarmouth High School. She is a Peer Leader, a member of the Math Team and Mentors in Violence Prevention. She serves as Captain on both varsity soccer and varsity basketball. Seyla has volunteered for Special Olympics, Youth Soccer Club, Youth Basketball and the Cape Cancer Thrift Shop. During the course of her senior year she is participating in the Work-Based Learning Program. Seyla appreciates the determination, commitment, and perseverance shown through generations of the O’Hearn family. “While often time future generations do not have the work ethic of their predecessors, I am committed to maintaining the high bar that was set.” Seyla’s vision is to attend medical school. She has followed the lead of her O’Hearn ancestors Seyla has been accepted by Northeastern as an Early Decision student.